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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Iron Horse Baseball Club? 

Iron Horse Baseball Club was established to increase interest in the Philip Simmons Baseball program.  Most local high schools have feeder programs which allow middle school students, who are not eligible for the junior varsity teams, to grow their baseball knowledge and skills. Iron Horse Baseball Club will fill this void for the Philip Simmons community.

How much does the club cost?

The goal is to have minimal cost passed on to the player and their family.  Iron Horse Baseball Club will work with local businesses to provide financial support to the team.

What kind of training do the coaches have?

The team will be managed by coaches with a variety of experience spanning from collegiate level to youth travel.  The field coaching will be handled by current Philip Simmons High School Varsity players who are excited to engage with future Iron Horses!

Will students from other area schools be able to participate? 

As a support program for Philip Simmons Baseball, our first goal will be to fill the team with Philip Simmons and/or Daniel Island Middle students first.  If the team can't be filled with those students,  coaches will consider students from other areas.

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